Last night @ home in WA 

So many emotions right now. Two days ago (6/12) was my last day in school & I had to say bye to so many friends… Ended up crying like a baby. Same night I had to say goodbye to my American family and I just cried and cried and never wanted to stop hugging them. Tonight I hugged a friend for the last time. Tomorrow (6/15) I’ll have to say bye to my little princess dog & the other animals and this house, one of the safest places in the world. 

But I’m soon home. And I can’t believe it. I’m SO excited to see everyone!! It’s gonna be so unreal to walk the streets of Mariestad again and to actually talk to people that has known me my whole life!!!! Wiiii. 

I promise I’ll write about me last weeks here, cause it was a lot of fun. I love you Washington. 

Now me and these little ladies need some sleep. How two so small creatures take up 90 % of the bed and force me to sleep with one leg out of the bed is a mystery for me.




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